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Class Information

Class 23 of 23
Name: Beginners Cutting July thru December
Cost: $30.00 (Does Not Include Supplies)
Time of Day : Evening
Class Level: Beginner
Class Dates : 1 Evening: Wed 7/1; Thur 7/2; Fri 7/31; Tue 8/4; Wed 8/5; Thur 9/3; Tue 10/6; Fri 10/23; Tue 11/3; Wed 11/4; Fri 11/13; Tue 12/1; Thur 12/3; Fri 12/4; Wed 12/9
Start Time: 6:00:00 PM
End Time: 9:00:00 PM

Description: Come and enjoy learning if stained glass is the hobby for you. Just three hours can determine whether or not you will pursue the most versatile art form you will ever learn!

- Cutting class teaches basic cutting rules using four tools: a glass cutter, running pliers, grozing/breaking pliers, and a tapper.

- The runners and grozers will be supplied during class for in studio use only and available for purchase if you would like to take all of the tools home. The $5.50 glass cutter/tapper is the only tool you are required to purchase.

- You will learn how to cut different shapes ranging from a straight line to a five-pointed star.

- Plate glass will be supplied by the studio for use during class at no extra cost.

Prerequisites: None