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Class Information

Class 9 of 28
Name: Beginners Cutting
Cost: $75.00
Time of Day : Evening
Class Level: Beginner
Class Dates : 1 Evening: Tues 3/5; Tues 4/23; Fri 5/3; Tues 5/7; Tues 6/4; Fri 6/7; Fri 8/2; Tues 8/13; Tues 9/3; Tues 10/1; Fri 10/11; Fri 11/1; Tues 12/3; Fri 12/6
Start Time: 5:30:00 PM
End Time: 9:00:00 PM

Description: Come and enjoy learning to cut glass safely and successfully. Just three and a half hours can determine if you will pursue the most versatile art form you will ever learn!

 - Teaches basic cutting rules using four tools: a glass cutter, running pliers, grozing pliers, and a tapper.

 - All cutting tools are provided during class for studio use only. All tools are also available for purchase if you would like to own them for personal use.

 - You will learn how to cut different shapes ranging from a straight line to a five pointed star.

 - Plate glass will be supplied by the studio for use during class at no extra cost.

Prerequisites: None