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Item Name: Diamond Church Small Windows 32" x 84" 


This is a custom cut job for Diamond United Methodist Church located in Diamond in which AGA worked with St. Albans Windows to install. AGA was contracted to custom cut solid pieces of Princess Blue English Muffle glass to be insulated in St Albans window units. Eight large windows measuring 32" x 84" and four smaller windows measuring 32" x 56" were commissioned to replace old windows original to the church. The total was 12 windows, 6 lining either side of the church. Three photos from the job sre seen here. First, the thumbnail photo is of a small finished window seen from the inside of the church. Second, the main photo is of the finished windows seen from the outside on one side of the church. Third, the alternate photo shows an old large window from the outside before it was replaced with the new unit. AGA and St. Albans Windows completed this job in April of 2009.

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