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Class Information

Class 3 of 22
Name: Lead Came
Cost: $135.00 (Does Not Include Supplies)
Time of Day : Daytime
Class Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Class Dates : 3 Saturdays: Schedule upon request
Start Time: 9:00:00 AM
End Time: 3:00:00 PM

Description:  Learn a time honored art form and the oldest

method for creating stained glass windows. It is

the strongest way to build an art glass window

and you can learn how to construct them too!

- Teaches steps of lead came technique

including how to prepare a pattern, cut your

glass, construct the window, fill the window

with cement, and clean the window.

- All supplies are included in the class with

the exception of the project glass you select,

$20 roll of solder, any lead came and framing

needed for your panel, hooks, and chain.

- The supplies provided are for in studio use

only. Supplies are available for purchase if

you would like to take them home for personal


Prerequisites: Cutting Class